About Us

ICE CREAM UNIVERSITY DESSERTS, the Creme DeLa Creme of desserts is now available for home consumption purchasing. Our new company is an extension of ICE CREAM UNIVERSITY, founded in 1995 by Malcolm Stogo. For many years Malcolm has felt there has been a need for desserts like ice cream and bakery items in all forms that the public could purchase outside the normal supermarket sphere where quality is considered 100% paramount. Spending countless days and hours we have finally reached a point where we now have desserts products we could offer to the public for sale.

After all these years, it is fair to say that ICE CREAM UNIVERSITY is an institution that has been recognized throughout the world for its expertise in teaching thousands of entrepreneurs how to get into the ice cream business and ice cream flavor development.

Malcolm Stogo has been at the forefront of developing today’s ice cream concepts leap years ahead of the industry. Thru Ice Cream University, numerous books including Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts, Ice Cream Cakes, Incredible Ice Cream, and Dairy Free Ice Cream has been published offering anyone who wanted to get int the ice cream business the opportunity to learn. Malcolm is also the founder and President of Ice Cream University and Malcolm Stogo Inc. In 1978, he invented the flavor Cookies & Crème Ice Cream. In the 1980’s, Malcolm co-owned Ice Cream Extravaganza (New York), the largest single frozen dessert operation ($1.5m in sales). In 1983, he also invented the chocolate dipped waffle cone now being produced and sold all over the world.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality, the best local and the best natural products combined with excellent customer service to our customers.  Customer relationships, value and integrity are the cornerstones of our store.  

The primary focus of our entire product line is to find the most pure, natural and local ingredients and craft them into the best ice cream and sweet baked goods available.

About our Shipping

We understand shipping is expensive, but to ensure you receive your order in good condition, we are forced to take certain precautions.The shipping cost is based on our cost of dry ice, styrofoam container, and the actual shipping cost by UPS. Once you taste our delicious products, we believe you will understand it was all worth it.