Our Story

ICE CREAM UNIVERSITY DESSERTS came about after years of growing Ice Cream University, an educational and ice cream book publishing company teaching thousands of entrepreneurs how to get into the incredible ice cream business. Our Ice Cream University is called by many the “Harvard of Ice Cream” because our approach has always been about quality education and hands-on learning.    

 All of the above started in 1978, when I made my first ice cream (Malcolm’s Homemade), and invented Cookies & Crème Ice Cream. For anyone who has known me, one can safely say I am passionate about ice cream. 

ICE CREAM UNIVERSITY DESSERTS vision is to offer to the consuming public, dessert products that are enjoyed and consumed at home, not in an ice cream shop, restaurant, or bought from a supermarket.

Each dessert product is unique on its own, like our Pistachio Ice Cream, White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie, Hot fudge Topping, our Ice Cream Cakes, and finally what we call our coup d'etat, The Big Basket.

As you delve into our website dessert menu, you will notice we offer many choices in products, but only a limited amount of flavor choices in each. Why, because our number one criterion is quality over quantity.

It has taken us over five years of tinkering and developing creative, not me-too ice cream products and flavors that are 100% made from scratch and all natural. 

What better way to enjoy a dessert right in your own home anytime you want it?  We are happy to accommodate all of your needs, either picked up at our facility, delivered anywhere in Metro New York/New Jersey, which includes FREE SHIPPING, or shipped to you anywhere in the USA at a nominal shipping cost. 

I had a saying that I promoted in my first advertisements- IF YOU TRIED THE REST, NOW TRY THE BEST. Forty-Two years later, I can now say the same with our new ICE CREAM UNIVERSITY DESSERT company.

About the Owners

For the last 25 years, Malcolm Stogo has been at the forefront of developing today’s ice cream concepts leap years ahead of the industry. He is the author of numerous books including Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts, Ice Cream Cakes and is the author of a new book titled Incredible Ice Cream. Malcolm is the founder and President of Ice Cream University and Malcolm Stogo Associates. He is also the publisher of Batch Freezer News and Ice Cream Store News, two quarterly newsletters on everything one needs to know about ice cream production and marketing. In the 1980’s, Malcolm co-owned Ice Cream Extravaganza (New York), the largest single frozen dessert operation ($1.5m in sales). He also invented the chocolate dipped waffle cone now being produced and sold all over the world.

Dolma Yang Chen is Malcolm’s right hand and is the perfect example of always looking to learn. From knowing absolutely nothing about ice cream 8 years ago, she is now our go to person for developing in flavors and products.

This is her story. She arrived from Tibet 8years ago, not speaking one word of English with no money in her pockets. A tall woman with a ploughman’s plump hands, she has only been in America for nine years. Until recently, she was the R&D head of Fal Foods, which makes DF Mavens non-dairy ice cream, Brazilia gelato and Desserts That Matter ice cream, gelato and sorbet. She always says- “I like to work. I always ask for more work.”

When she first arrived in the United States , she could count to 10 and the only words she knew “thank you”

in English Five years ago, she was discovered by Malcolm by accident. Her first day at work, she made fudge, but had no idea what it was. It took her about four months to learn to make ice cream right. Today, she can do it all, and at the end of each seminar, our students always say, “can we hire her?”.